Director of Data Science and Algorithms

Primary Job Function

Develops novel artificial intelligence methods and algorithms related to APT’s fall-in-progress detection and protection technology. Leads efforts to collect, structure and analyze motion and usage data from users wearing APT’s products, and uses gathered insights to continually improve APT’s algorithms for predicting a fall-in-progress, detecting a fall, and predicting health-related conditions (fall risk, illness onset, etc.).  Manages in-house and external data scientists and algorithm development partners.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Owns our Data Science, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Algorithm Development efforts
    • Devises research strategies, plans, and priorities based on customer and business needs
    • Leads data engineering, including developing/refining cloud-based data infrastructure
    • Uses data mining to discover information hidden within large datasets consisting of product usage and IMU-based 3D motion data
    • Builds, optimizes, and evaluates predictors using machine learning techniques
    • Devises algorithms in APT’s Artificial Intelligence taxonomy
    • Maintains comprehensive documentation of all systems and methods developed
    • Writes technical reports, presentations, and white papers for experts and non-experts
    • Collaborates with developers on transferring algorithms to production systems
    • Manages relationships with external R&D groups in industry and academia
  • Handles exposure of APT’s Artificial Intelligence
    • Ensures all novel systems and methods are patented or patent-pending
    • Consults with prospective clients on the capabilities of our systems and methods
    • Presents on behalf of APT’s technology at relevant conferences and events
  • Roles and responsibilities may be shifted to maximize customer and Company success

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science / Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or related, with a focus on machine learning and data mining topics required
  • Strong experience applying ML techniques to real-world (i.e. not theoretical) datasets
  • Ability to identify relationships within large datasets that are not obviously related
  • Solid programming experience with Python, Matlab, or R, and with Java, C, or C++
  • Strong experience with database technologies such as SQL
  • Strong people management and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced early-stage startup where role flexibility is a must
  • Administrative and budget management skills relative to job expectations
  • Willingness to travel when required, up to 20%

Additional Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD in Computer Science / Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or related
  • Recently graduated with 3-5 years of industry experience
  • Knowledge and experience with applying deep learning to real-world applications
  • Knowledge and experience with distributed computing technologies (e.g. AWS, Hadoop, Spark)
  • Experience working with motion-based technologies and/or datasets from consumer electronics (e.g. wearables, smartphones, etc.)
  • Product development experience, particularly in medical devices


About ActiveProtective

We are a growing venture-backed startup based in the Philadelphia region developing new-to-the-world personal safety products.  Our key focus is a wearable airbag for hip protection in the event of a fall, which represents a leading cause of disability and death in the elderly population.  We’re looking for passionate individuals to join our mission to make hip fractures a preventable condition.


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